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    • Pattachitra - Kalinga Mardhana
    • Wall hanging art piece.
    • GI TAGged

    Pattachitra Kalinga Mardhana (17 x 22 inches)

      • Vibrant storytelling: Odisha Pattachitra is renowned for its intricate narratives depicting mythological scenes, folk tales, and everyday life. This vibrant storytelling captivates viewers and offers glimpses into Odia culture and tradition.

      • Unique style: The painting style is characterized by bold outlines, flat colors, and geometric patterns. Artists use natural pigments extracted from minerals, plants, and conch shells, leading to earthy tones and distinctive textures.

      • Spiritual significance: Pattachitra paintings often hold religious significance, adorning temple walls and serving as devotional offerings. They depict deities, religious motifs, and auspicious symbols, reflecting the deep spiritual connection ingrained in Odia life.

      • Folk art heritage: Passed down through generations, Pattachitra is more than just an art form; it's a vibrant folk art tradition deeply rooted in Odia communities. Artisans, often belonging to specific communities, continue to hone and transmit this unique artistic legacy.

      • Versatility beyond canvas: Traditionally practiced on palm leaves or cloth scrolls, Pattachitra has now expanded to adorn wood, terracotta, and even metal objects. This adaptability demonstrates the dynamism and evolution of this artistic tradition.

      • Distinct style and recognition: The GI TAG recognizes the unique artistic style and techniques of Odisha Pattachitra, differentiating it from Pattachitra art forms practiced elsewhere. This protects the cultural heritage and economic benefits associated with its traditional production methods and materials.

      • Community empowerment and sustainability:
        The GI TAG empowers the communities of Pattachitra artists in Odisha. It ensures fair compensation for their skills and knowledge, promotes sustainable production practices, and encourages the transmission of this artistic tradition to future generations.

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