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    ScrewPine - Cylindrical box

      1. Customization of the weave pattern is difficult as it is done manually with both hands and legs. Color and weave effects is a result of patterns tried out in different colored strips of screw pine.
      2. Screw pine is water repellent but the presence of moisture generates fungus mostly in the form of white powder. Sometimes materials like cardboard used to give stiffness to the products may absorb moisture resulting in fungus formation. This aspect is taken care during the process of
      making finished Screwpine products. These could happen to finished products only if they are exposed to moist condition for a long time.
      3. Life of the product: Temperature variations affect the Screwpine strips easily. It stiffens and may break when exposed to high temperature for a long time. This also may result in fading of the color. Similarly when left in water for a long time may also result in bleeding of colors.
      4. Color variation: The color absorbing capacity is dependent on the maturity of the leaves. The less matured strips tend to absorb color faster while more matured leaf strips absorb colors slowly. This is a natural constraint. Hence a finished product may have variation in same colors in the weave. Nevertheless the variation in shades add to the uniqueness to the product.
      5. Products must be stored away from direct sunlight and moisture for longer life of the product.

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