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Jagannatha K S

Founder and Administrator

Retired government junior college principal, Sanskrit professor, philosopher, administrator & writer.

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Sindhu Jagannath


Practising Architect,  Assistant Professor at Dayanand Sagar college of Engineering & a conservation enthusiast.

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Idea behind "Prathama Srsti"

​Prathama srsti is a company, founded with an intent to explore and appreciate vivid and innumerable rich heritage of art and crafts which are integral part of Indian culture. India being the epitome cultural Hub is the land where art and craft in its various creative forms have flourished from ancient times. Traditional Art and craft works have always enriched our homes and lives through their aesthetic and utilitarian aspects.


Many of these unique and traditional creations which have had their origin centuries back today unfortunately face a treat from market, which is being flooded with cheap imitations of the original traditional art and craft forms. The original art and craft forms therefore suffer and many are in the verge of disappearance unable to compete with the cheap imitations.

Thus the objective of the company is twofold.
1. To protect and promote original arts and craft forms and the revival of endangered traditional art forms.

The company offers the GI tagged products for two reasons. The GI tag awarded by the Government of India preserves the unique identity of the place in relation with the product securing the authenticity of the product. Secondly the tag also means that the traditional art is specific to a community representing the cultural identity where it takes its birth. Thus by lending these artists a forum to market their original traditional works the company hopes to aid in their economic status.

2. To act like a bridge between enthusiastic people, patrons of art (who seek authentic works) and the Artists who are engaged in creating them.

Significance of these traditional arts and crafts lie in the values and meaning that these items or collections have for people and communities. This is the very reason why Prathama Srsti brings to its consumers GI tagged products directly from the place of its origin. It specialises in procuring and selling GI Tagged products not only to local but also to global clientele who are looking for authentic goods.

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